The Third Batch Of First Look In NBA 2K18

NBA 2K18 is among the latest titles to arrive this year. The most notables update is players’ first look.

Evan Fournier – 78

Evan Fournier

Kyle Kuzma – 72 (drafted)

Kyle Kuzma

Jayson Tatum – 77 (drafted)

Jayson Tatum

Justin Anderson – 73 (traded)

Justin Anderson

Isaiah Whitehead – 73

Isaiah Whitehead

Tyus Jones – 73

Tyus Jones

Myles Turner – 84

Myles Turner.fw

Derrick Rose – 78

Derrick Rose

John Collins – 73 (signed)

John Collins

Brice Johnson – 71

Brice Johnson

Jae Crowder – 80

Jae Crowder

Brandon Ingram – 76

Brandon Ingram

Kawhi Leonard – 95

Kawhi Leonard

David Nwaba – 71

David Nwaba

Davis Bertans – 72

Davis Bertans

Glenn Robinson – 74

Glenn Robinson

Zach LaVine – 80

Zach LaVine

Will Barton – 77

Will Barton

Langston Galloway – 73

Langston Galloway

Dwyane Wade – 84

Shaquille O’Neal – 89

Shaquille O'Neal.fw

Lebron James – 97

Lebron James

Plus, NBA 2K18 announced the Big Baller Brand shoes will debut in NBA 2K18 & be laced up on Lonzo Ball at NBA Season Tip-Off!

And, the top 7 for the NBA 2K18 Los Angeles Lakers All-Time Team is clear. NBA 2K18 will feature “all-time” teams for every NBA franchise. Here’s your 1st look at the All-Time Lakers squad!

2K18 Lakers

More news that may be released for NBA 2K18 should be made available in the near future. Follow U4NBA on social media and look for the news page for the latest NBA 2K18 news.

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