Learn Winning Tips & Champion Tips In NBA 2KTV Episode 32

The highlight of the new Episode 32 is Defense! Defense! Defense! In the latest episode of 2KTV, we have Scott O’Gallagher talking about Winning Tips with Chris Manning and Champion Tips with world champion STILL TRILL. “Defense Wins Championship” is the key and you will know how to work the best defense in NBA 2K in this time’s Post-Season.

A1: Any – 50 VC

A2: Any – 50 VC

A3: Any – 50 VC

A4: Limit Steals – 100 VC

A5: Middle – 100 VC

A6: Strong Side – 100 VC

A7: Man & Ball – 100 VC

A8: 6th & 7th Defenders – 100 VC

The Champion Tips let you learn the best Lockdown Defender in 2K Pro-Am while the Winning Tips will help to raise your basketball IQ. Plus the MyTEAM Lineup of the Week is useful for you to build a strong defensive lineup. Grab more details by watching the video!